Online Tracking Number

TNT Tracking

TNT Express allows their clients to track their domestic and international shipments  both in the process.
Track a package is now easy:
Track Domestic Shipments
Customers can enter up to 10 TNT Domestic Express Consignment, Reference or Same day Local Job Numbers. You can enter one consignment per line. Tracking by reference number is only available for electronically submitted consignments.
People require mentioning the type of package such as consignment s, reference or sameday local job.
Track International Shipments
To find out if the shipment has been delivered who signed for it and other tracking information just type in TNT consignment number or own consignment reference, select the appropriate button and click on track.

To track the consignment please enters the 9 digit consignment number, e.g. 123456781. If your consignment number appears more than once in the results field, you can use the letters as shown on your consignment note, e.g. GE123456781WW, to avoid duplicate results.

  • People require entering Consignment Number
  • Reference Number