Parcel Delivery to Australia

Many UK residents may have relatives or loved ones who live on the other side of the world in Australia or New Zealand, whilst we can phone them at a more expensive rate than usual it's possible that for birthdays and other events that we'd still like to send them gifts.

But with birthdays or other time sensitive matters you may not want to leave it to chance and want to know that any parcels sent to Australia definitely get there and get there in good time. Using will mean your package gets collected, shipped and delivered within an agreed timeframe and with a range of different courier services.

many UK courier services have managed to provide such great service that they can become the UK's number one parcel delivery service. Even come up with great offers and discounts on special courier delivery service.

Do you need to send a parcel or package to Australia and still worried?

The answer of the question can be a trip to Australia is a long one, with multiple stop-offs for cargo planes to refuel there is a chance your parcel will move around. To ensure your item arrives safely then you should take care when packing it with plenty of insulation to cushion any blows. Safety of the Parcel is the major concern of the courier services. Having your item in a larger box so that plenty of spaces to put airbags, polystyrene or bubble wrap to insulate your precious cargo. For glassware and other delicate items then clearly stating on the packaging that the contents are fragile and which way the package should point up-wards is recommended too. Even you can track your parcel anytime while in it's transaction process.

you can send parcels to Australia and can get a competitive and professional Parcel Delivery service. They provide courier services to most towns and cities in Australia and are sure you will find the parcel delivery to Australia rates very competitive!

DHL Australia Parcel Delivery Services

DHL Parcel Delivery

DHL Couriers know that you want to use a reliable and professional parcel delivery company, and that's why they offer the services of only the best carriers that you can trust.

You can use DHL's by Air service which means your parcel can be sent to Australia in days. To get an Instant Quote from the UK to Australia click on Quote & Book, choose Australia as the destination country, enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel and click "Show Quotes". Don't forget - you can save a further 5% on all International & European services by creating yourself a FREE account, so don't miss out! allows you to get quotes from DHL, TNT, ParcelForce and we arrange deliveries for thousands of parcels every month, which explains the immensely cheap parcel delivery prices! Arranging thousands of parcels every month also means that we're very experienced in what we do and we are here to help so get in touch if you have any questions.