Online Tracking Number

Online Tracking Number

Transport market is full with the variety of courier and parcel delivery services. Choosing the reliable delivery service is as difficult as finding needle in the haystack. Online tracking make transportation services more reliable. There are so many ways to track and trace the parcel and packages on the way.

  • Track by Numbers
  • Track by Reference
  • Track by E-mail
  • Import Tracking Numbers
  • SMS Tracking

  • Track By Numbers:

    Shipment tracking is really easy and less time consuming by package numbers. Customer just needs to enter the shipment number one per line in online tracking engine. The tracking request resulted with the tracking number, description about the shipment and current status of the packages.

    Track By Reference:

    This method of tracing required some additional information such as shipment type, shipment reference, date range, account, destination country and destination zip or postal code etc. Not all but some of the courier services leverage with the tracking by reference service e.g. ups and Armax courier services.

    Track by email:

    Track up to 25 small package shipments at once by sending your tracking numbers in an e-mail message to

    Track a Single Tracking Number:

    Enter the UPS Tracking Number in the subject line of the e-mail or in the body of the message. A detailed tracking response will be returned to your e-mail address.

    Track Multiple Tracking Numbers:

    Enter all UPS Tracking Numbers in the body of the e-mail message. You do not need to specify a subject for the e-mail. A detailed tracking response for all numbers will be returned to your e-mail address.

    SMS Tracking:

    Get information on the status of your shipments quickly and efficiently with UPS SMS Tracking. You must opt into the service to begin tracking with SMS.

  • From the Tracking Detail page, add SMS notifications by selecting Request Status Updates.
  • When selecting the type of notification, select SMS Text Message and enter your mobile number to opt in.
  • After confirming your request from your mobile phone, UPS will begin to send you SMS text messages with your tracking status for this shipment.
  • Once opted in, you will not be asked to verify your request from your phone again unless you choose to opt out of the service.
  • For logged in users, an option to Remember this Number is presented in the Notifications dialog box. By selecting that checkbox, your phone number is retained as an option to select the next time you track.

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