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Fedex Jobs

Fedex is a courier company with a global presence for it caters to the more than 200 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa. With increasing demand for timely delivery, Fedex is known to employ a large number of people on a regular basis; hence you will find Fedex jobs always available in the job market. With its main hub at the at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, FedEx is committed to offer better business day delivery services from Europe to US East Coast.

Fedex Jobs and Careers

A Fortune 500 company of this huge size is bound to offer a variety of jobs across its locations worldwide. You can begin your search for Fedex jobs by first checking out whether they have an office within your area and your country. Moving on to the type of jobs offered by Fedex, they depend greatly upon your skill, experience and educational qualification.

FedEx Jobs UK

With a brief roundup of Fedex Jobs which are often available include -

Courier Driver

As a Fedex driver you will be in charge of organising and completion of collection as well final delivery of the customer packages. The USP of the Fedex Driver lies in the ability to develop binding customer courier relationships and promote Fedex services in every possible way. Apart from holding a valid driving license, you will be required to be punctual, well mannered and presentable whenever attending to customers.

Fedex Customer Service Agents

Well, since Fedex Customer Service Agents will be dealing with customers on behalf of Fedex, they will be required to be courteous and polite at all times. Apart from handling customer's queries, they should be equally adept in handling customer queries and enquiries in satisfactory manner.


There is regular requirement of handlers at Fedex centres. The main duty of handlers is to sort and move consignments in an orderly manner so that they are dispatched to their destinations. It is very important to sort out packages which require custom clearance and which do not for prompt and accurate deliveries.
Also on the offer are handler positions which are located at the airport for people are required to load and offload packages and consignments at great speed and in safe manner from the aircraft. At the same time, ramp handlers as they are called receive training in directing planes on the ground, safety marshalling and safe handling of the plane, ground staff and consignment while at the airport.

Manager Operations

As the job title suggests, manager of operation perform the very crucial role of managing an entire centre as well as its personnel. You will be required to perform a role of guiding as well as mentoring the entire team in ensuring the team performs in a coordinated manner and smooth operations of pickup and delivery of customer parcels. Apart from this, co ordination and fine tuning with other Fedex centres is equally essential and crucial especially by the Manager of Operations.

Customs Personnel

The customs personnel will be allocated the crucial task of taking care of custom clearance, getting papers in order and ensuring that the parcel is properly checked and in due order. At the same time the customs personnel will require in depth knowledge of customs rules and regulations which will ensure smooth flow of goods being delivered across global destinations.

Sales & Marketing Staff

Fedex, a global company offers a varied range of deliveries and services as per the customer requests. In order to promote these services and attract corporate clients, the sales and marketing staff are required. Depending upon the location and number of corporate clients, the sales and marketing staff can develop the business to a great extent.
With a wide range of fedex jobs available, each of them offering a challenges in their own way, you can check them out as per your suitability and location while having the experience of working in global courier company such as Fedex.