DHL Express Industry Solutions

DHL Express offers variety of Industry Solutions that leverage the capabilities of DHL’s network to support customers who are looking for innovative and competitive supply chain networks.

DHL Break Bulk Express

DHL BREAK BULK EXPRESS delivers consolidated shipments at origin, sent from one customs zone to another then deconsolidated by DHL at destination before delivery to different addresses within the same country or customs union. The consolidated shipment is cleared as a single entry on arrival at the destination facility.

DHL Medical Express

DHL manages the transportation of time and temperature sensitive shipments for the Life Science industry with it’s service called DHL MEDICAL EXPRESS. The solution comprises the outbound shipping of investigational medicines and clinical supplies to clinics and hospitals, through to the inbound return shipping of patient specimens to laboratories and research organizations.

DHL Collect & Return

After-sales programs within high tech industry require forward and reverse flowsDHL COLLECT & RETURN provides an integrated solution for managing all these. DHL collects high value goods that require repair, delivers these to specified repair centre and after getting ready, DHL returns the goods to the end user.

DHL Strategic Parts Centres

A customer-focused solution for spare parts storage, handling, replacement and returns management by the means of comprehensive infrastructure of secure warehouses incorporated into delivery network, is called STRATEGIC PARTS CENTRES.

DHL Terminal Services

Logistics Services is a service that is focused on storage and all the warehousing and shipment services and distribution activities using DHL delivery network.

DHL IN-Office Management

DHL Express has brought an ideal customer focused solution for the management and transport of mails, documents, goods, information and payments is known as DHL In-Office Management service.

DHL IN-Office Management solution has two staff roles: in –office agent and messenger with bunch of value added services on customer requests.

DHL PTS Services

DHL PTS SERVICES is a solution focused on storage and management of operations with Vehicles Passports.

Foods & Beverages Transportation

DHL Express offers foods and beverages transportation facility for made in Italy products all over the world and compete in international market.

Non-perishable foods that are properly packaged imported from delivered to more than 200 countries with speedy and reliable DHL Express.

Domestic Return Documents

Door to door deliveries administered and return of documents and deliveries to the point of origin. Prior authorization negotiation is required for hiring this service.