Parcel Delivery

Parcel Delivery is boon to most of us around the world as it saves considerable time and money while ensuring the delivery of the requisite parcel to the preferred destination either within UK or any other country in the world. You need not incur large expenses for actually visiting the destination which could include boarding & quite a few allied expenses as well, taking into consideration the valuable product you wish to deliver.

There are many specialized courier companies which deal courier parcel delivery in a methodical and pre determined manner. Through their well defined system, you can always track the parcel and ascertain its exact location using the courier tracking number of DHL tracking UK given to you when you send you parcel across.

FedEx Express Couriers

FedEx express International Priority Service also undertakes to deliver your parcels on time, while you get additionally benefited through their customer service centres located all around the world, get your parcel packed for free, proof of delivery on every invoice, fast customs clearance and real time tracking system for your parcel. Fedex Courier Delivery is offered in following different categories viz. within Europe

Type of Service Delivery Schedule
Improved Next-Day Service Within Europe Next Day Delivery
FedEx Europe First Next day early morning delivery by 9:00, 9:30 or 10:00 am, depending on the destination postal code
FedEx International Priority® Next Day Delivery
FedEx® 10kg and 25kg Box Next Business Day
FedEx International Economy® 3 – 5 Business Days
Parcel2Ship Courier Services

Considering the high amount of parcels being sent and received from Saudi Arabia, Parcel2Ship offers special courier services Saudi Arabia. Parcel2Ship courier works in a cost effective manner while collecting the parcel from your doorstep and delivering it to the preferred address in mainland Saudi Arabia especially in cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Taif, Buraydah, Tabuk, Abha and Khamis Mushait that within a period of 5 – 8 days. The following are the rates all inclusive charged by Parcel2Ship depending upon their weights,

Weight Rate
up to 5KG £70.95
up to 10KG £115.95
up to 15KG £124.95
up to 20KG £149.95
up to 30KG £199.95